Life before the constitution

By Lupita Valdez


I am part of a farming family. I can only grow enough to feed myself and a little bit to sell in town. I risked my life in the war for our freedom but i got nothing in return.They said that we will get freedom but what is freedom when you can't even feed your family. Now the banks are trying get my land and I can barely even pay the state tax. Other farmers and I have started a rebellion because this mess has to be cleaned up. The Constitution has to changes things for the better.


I'm a shoemaker from Manchester, New Hampshire. I have my own little shop and tools. I thought being a shoe maker will be a good idea but it wasn't. I'm in debt and i owe people money. I heard about the rebellion but i not sure how that will end. I went to fight in the war, the government issued bonds which they promised would be paid. There is talk about the new constitution and I'm concerned on how it will be, would I be able to vote ? Would the government pay their bonds ?

Enslaved African American

  1. My whole family and I are enslaved from Virginia. Everyone is saying that all men should be equal but what about dark colored skin people ? We should be equal too, we are humans too ! Life as a slave is hard, I have to wake up early and go to sleep late. I have no freedom, my master is the only person that can tell me what to do. There is change happening slowly, some North states have outlawed slavery and now you can buy or earn your freedom. But even if i'm free there is nothing that I own and i would be a poor farmer. I want freedom but real freedom.