Class Project

By: Jamie Turnquist 2nd Hour

About Me

I enjoy reading, taking time to put things in certain places, and I love to take pictures. A career that fits all of those things is something like being a Photographer or a designer (interior or exterior). My family travels quite a lot so I get to see new things all the time.

Activities I'm Involved In

Some of the activities I'm involved in inside of school are Orchestra, and Choir.

Activities outside of school consist of Orchestra (extra things like all-region, solo and ensemble etc), Choir (all-region, and camps)

It's All Good

Things that make me happy about myself consist of my grades, that I don't give up no matter how hard it is, and that I have amazing friends, even though I don't have that many, the ones I have are absolutely amazing

My Future

Someday I am going to have a fun career that I love to do, I want to have a family some day, someday I want to have a masters degree, I want to be in the top 20 or top 10 when I graduate from high school, I will want to be the best person I can ever be in the future because I know right now I'm not

Career Cluster

My best career cluster would have to be Arts, Audio, Video, Technology, and Communications. Some careers for this cluster are composers, actor, graphic designer etc.

My Values

My work values are achievement, independence, and support in my work

My life values are wisdom, being able to live where ever I want, and enjoyment in my work

Multiple Intelligence

Intrapersonal: Actor, writer, therapist

Visual: Artist, photographer, graphic artist

Musical: Singer, voice actor, choir director

Improving My Life

I think I could improve in life if I calm down about stress in my life, try and make a better effort to do things when they need to be done instead of procrastinating like I do, and set some goals to try and acquire.


I am good, or at least I think I am, at math, creative writing, and finding creative ways to finding a solution.

Careers for these interests are Animators, and Fashion designers.

My Personality Traits

I feel as if I am creative, loyal to my friends, many sided, protective of my friends, understanding, emotional,

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day ~Vincent Van Gogh