Got type 2 diabeties?

by gabby reyes 8th period

so, what is type 2 diabetes?

1 in 8 people have type 2 diabetes in America today. It is the most common type of diabetes among American society. In a ordinary person the food they eat is turned into glucose by the body and when the glucose is let into the blood stream the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin. When the insulin is in the blood stream it travels with glucose in the blood stream. When the insulin is at the cell wall the insulin fits perfectly into the insulin receptors like a key to the cell allowing the cell to let glucose into the cell allowing the person to get energy. In someone who has type 2 diabetes the persons body has no recondition of the insulin and either the immune system releases white blood cells to attack the insulin and destroy it or the insulin receptors simply let the insulin bounce of and not allow the glucose into the cell its just like having the wrong key to your house you cannot get inside. This causes the glucose to build in the blood stream other known as high blood sugar or hyperglycemia and it can cause the person to go into a diabetic coma or even death.

basics of being a diabetic

No matter what type of diabetes you have, your main goal is to keep your blood sugar at a normal and healthy level and most foods that you would consume normally either don't have enough of what you need or have to much of the bad stuff such as saturated fats and sugar that can spike up your blood sugar. A immediate food to stay away from is candy and other foods with high levels o sugar. Eating candy can raise blood sugar to extreme high levels and cause hyperglycemia. Stay on a low carbohydrate diet meaning limit any kind of bread product not containing wheat, jams, flour, rice, potato products, cereals, products containing syrup or sugar. Exercising is also something that is very important in a diabetics life. Exercising is important because it helps to help the diabetic loose weight and maintain homeostasis in the body.

best foods to eat as a type 2 diabetic

what do diabetics do daily along with a diet?

Because type 2 diabetics do not revive any insulin to the cell to get energy a daily task they need to do is to insert insulin in your body before you eat so that when you eat the insulin already is there to guide glucose to get energy from the food you ingested. But, before you eat you need to check your blood sugar with a device called a glucose monitoring system. You use a little tab and it takes a sample of your blood and checks how much glucose you have in your blood. Depending on how much or how little is the amount/what foods you need to ingest.

support groups

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed or just feel like no one understands your disease look into going into support group sessions for people with diabetes. There are plenty of support groups that n help you feel that your not alone In this disease. They can also help you meet other people that have the same disease as you and the challenges they have and if they have the same problems and challenges

Support groups that might be right for you: