Project Ideas!

For TAKS / EOC Reviews & the End of the Year

Looking for something new to do with your students?

Its the time of the year when we're looking for NEW ways to review for TAKS or EOC which will grab our students' attention.

Let's work together to plan something engaging and interactive for your students!

There are lots of options for activities that we can plan together which can turn your Test Review into an fun learning experience:

  • Multimedia Learning Stations
  • Student-created activities
  • Webquests with required student feedback
  • Short video reviews
  • Online test practice

Already have an End of Year activity that you really like?

That's great! I'd love to chat with you about how we can integrate technology into your lesson.

We don't have to reinvent the wheel -- Maybe we can just adjust it a little.

Any of the learning tools linked below can be used by your students to CREATE something which demonstrates their knowledge and understanding.

Check out some of the tech tools options we have available:

Visit our Frisco ISD Technology Pinterest board for lists of tools we could use in your classroom:

Also check out the Web Tools and Lesson plans websites linked below for more ideas!

We could use some of these tools, AND MORE!

See anything you like? Contact Jeff Wiseman to get started planning!


The earlier we chat, the more we can create. Don't wait until the last minute!