The Enemy

By: Charlie Higson


¨Arran stood fast, Achilleus on one side, Blue on the other, more fighters spread out across the road. Behind them in a shorter line were Ollie and the skirmishers. Silent. Waiting.¨ (Pg. 136)

  • The Waitrose and Morrison kids were being attacked by a large group of grown-ups, they were outnumbered. They did not give up, they lined up, and waited for them quietly. They were fearful, and were going to defend themselves at all costs.


It does not matter if you are kid in this world. Once you are alone, you have to took the role of a grown-up; take their job and do it better.

Amazing! Truly amazing and blood-racing. The action in this book will have you begging for more!

Publisher: Puffin Books Date: September 3,2009


¨They were marching to a new life¨ (Pg. 102)

  • The kids have never left Waitrose. Waitrose was their home. They were taking a big step into life; they were starting over

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This book adds the extra in ordinary. If you like zombies and killing then this book is for you. This book is filled with death defying situations. Kids are the only people living, and they have to fight against grown-ups, who are now zombies. Once you pick up the book, you would not want to put it down.