Harvest Camp!

Come whole, leave piecefully!

Why waste parts?

Do you have a child that is nothing but trouble? Harvest Camp is the perfect solution to your problem-child! Don't let a whole body go to waste just because it is not disciplined or lacking in intelligence. Unwinding your child will allow parts of them to become useful to people who will do great things. Can you Imagine the feet of your lazy son on the legs of a track-star. Or the hands of your rebellious daughter on the arms of an artist? Maybe even a part of your undetermined son in the head of a scientist? Don't hesitate, sign that order and send your unruly and dysfunctional child to a Harvest Camp located near you!

Pick Your Harvest Camp now!

There are plenty of different options and locations available for you to choose from! Go to our website or email us if you have ans questions or concerns!

Don't be shy!

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