DUSTIN TIMES: good books edition

By: D.S.

Know what book's are great to read

Get hooked on series, comics,and movie novels. Learn new things! What are you waiting for, just open a book, and open your MIND!!!

What is good book?

Easy, a good book is a book that hook's you to it, and you NEVER want to STOP READING it. Book's make you think and wonder if (for example) the character get's trapped or something.


After word of DUSTIN TIMES: good book's edition

After Word

Their really is no reason not to read (unless you have not learned how to yet) those book's up there are really good book's but their's still more out there waiting to be read. Remember the moto, NEVER STOP READING. Bye, hope you read the next DUSTIN TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book's are every were find a good place that's quiet and