CHS Coach's Corner


September 11, 2015

Volume 1 Issue 3

"What is most important is that teaching is visible to the student and that the learning is visible to the teacher."

-Author Unknown

The new school year is finally in full swing. That can only mean one thing... It's time to start thinking about Deliberate Practice Plans (DPP). Over the course of the next few weeks, you will be given guidance on the development of your plan. Meanwhile, it's important you begin to think about the element you will choose for growth. Here are some tips for choosing your element.

  • It must be an element that is self-rated as "not using", "beginning", or "developing". The idea is to show growth.
  • You cannot use an element from a previous DPP.
  • Choose a Super 7 element. Research shows these 7 elements have a higher rate of return on student achievement.
  • As a PLC, choose the SAME element. Collaboration is key for successful completion.
  • If you have completed an element in DQ2 in years past, consider choosing a DQ3 element this year. We highly recommend element 18: helping student examine reasoning.

**A word about choosing an element from design question 4: DQ4 is VERY complex. To be effective, you cannot isolate one element to study. Elements 21, 22, and 23 must be implemented simultaneously. It requires the teacher to have a strong understanding of cognitively complex tasks. To support full implementation of element #22, teachers must help students examine reasoning and revise knowledge. Teachers must have prior experience using groups effectively. Finally, the teachers must be comfortable being a facilitator of learning as opposed to the provider of learning.**

This year, we will provide two avenues of support for developing your plan.

  1. For teachers with DPP experience, an Office Mix presentation will be sent out this week allowing you to create your DPP on your own time at your own pace.
  2. For teachers who need support to develop a DPP, we will offer an open lab with coaching support available on Wednesday, September 16th in Room 4-255 (Main) or the Conference Room (Freshman). (Remember last year? You came during your planning period and walked out with a completed plan. It was quick and painless!)

**Plans should be completed prior to October 7th.**

Tech Tip

To assist with updates and limiting connectivity issues it is important to get into the habit of logging off of your digital device at the end of the day. If you are planning to use your device at home during the evening it will also be important to log off of prior to coming back on campus the following day. Closing your device instead of logging off can cause some issues. The same would apply to students. Please communicate with students the importance of logging off when leaving campus at the end of day and when they leave their home to return to school. Thank you for your assistance.

Deliberate Practice Open Lab

Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 7:30am

Main Campus 4-255/ Freshman Campus Conference Room

It's that time initiate Deliberate Practice plans! Come join us for an open lab to learn how to set-up your plan or just have a supportive environment to work on your plan. Additional information to come.

Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 1:30pm

Main Campus PAC

Internet High Five

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This week's internet high five goes out to teachers and teams who are expanding digital implementation by using tools such as Padlet, Bitstrip, and Google Slides as a way to have students collaborate with one another to enhance their understanding of content. Check out some of the below examples.
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