Coach Corner

Meyzeek Middle School, February

My Beef With Valentine's Day

OK, so I'm putting this out there...I am a Valentine's Day scrooge. Perhaps a little bit of this is due to the fact that this holiday was never a holiday for my see the family "biz" is a florist. Growing up, the entire week of February 14 meant working into the wee hours of the morning, sore feet, tender fingers from rose thorns, and plenty of words said to our family we probably shouldn't be saying to family - ya know?! Our Valentine celebration was when it was over and because it was over ;-)

So, what is the draw of this one day a year, anyway? Ultimately, Valentine's Day is about feeling noticed, valued, and celebrated. My opinion - that's way too much pressure for a single day on the calendar and it can't be accomplished in a 24 hour period. Noticing, valuing, and celebrating should be happening as part of a caring, loving culture.

First Celebration

Ms. Woods

Thanks for organizing our Secret Snowman activity. The fact that so many of us are willing to play along shows that we know the value of recognizing and uplifting each other.
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So, pay attention this month to my weekly emails with my availability, and invite me in if you know your class will be engaged in learning you would like to be celebrated!

Special thanks to Mr. Rasheed

I was able to visit the transition center for a couple of periods. What I noticed were students seated in a conversation circle listening, speaking, practicing respect. What I value from that visit was an invitation from one of the students to participate in the discussion around gratitude. What I celebrate is Mr. Rasheed's recognition that we must reach students as people (in the affective brain) before we can begin to teach and lead through content.