The Asian Houbara

why must we preserve the houbara?


We are Shahd and Arayam and this presentation will be about The Asian houbara and why we must we preserve the houbara. We are going to display some information about the Asian houbara and many details about its life and the Migration and why is it vulnerable to extinction ? . We mostly used the internet to gather this information but we also used information from our research. So now we will start our presentation.

What are Houbara and where do they live ?

Houbara bustards are large-bodied birds with long legs and a slender neck. They have a sandy brown color and their underside is a creamy white. Houbaras are omnivorous their diet consists plants, seeds, insects, spiders, small rodents and lizards. Houbara bustards inhabit large open landscape that are semi-arid regions of sand and stone desert with little of plants .

The Houbara food web

A houbara food web contains grass, insects, the houbara,a falcon and on another side it includes desert plant, toad, snake and also a falcon. the flow of energy in a the houbara food web decreases as we go up by 90% for ex. when we started with the producer (grass) the energy was 1000 kcal and up to the main consumer of the food web (falcon) it become 10kcal and so in all of the food web depending on the food chain that it originally belongs too. The houbara food web of course like any other food web can be affected by the decreasing or increasing of a certain animal in the food web for ex. if the owls increase the number of insects will decrease because there will be more owls to eat the insects and if the number of insects decrease the number of houbara will also decrease because they will have less insects to eat and if the number of houbaras decreases so will the number of falcons because houbaras are a very big meal that most falcons hunt and the if the falcon does not have a meal it will die causing a big decrease in the number of falcons. As we can see the big effect that only one animals leaves by decreasing or increasing in a food web.

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Migration : What is it all about ?

Houbaras migrate because of the weather and because of food also to find a safe place to live .the houbara lives in the UAE when it is winter and it live in khazakhastan when its summer that is because the degrees of the UAE in the winter is similar to the degrees of Khazakhastan in summer and this is the normal temperature that the houbara lives in which is from 20c-27c. While migrating houbaras face some obstacles from hunters and predators that try to catch them that is because during there migration they stop flying and walk searching for food and walking in the desert leaves foot prints which allow the hunters to find the houbara easier. This is a main obstacle for the houbara that stops the migration. The houbara is adapted to migration that is because they stop during May in each place and they continue their migration at March. During the migration the houbaras are tracked by GPS devices that allow the people taking care of it to know where they are and what time is left for them to arrive and whether there is danger around them or not . That helps the houbara from being lost or attacked.
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Why are the Houbara vulnerbale to extinction ?

The houbara is facing danger of becoming extinctbecaus of hunting and falconery we hunt them down and in traditional famlies they eat them and also the falcons hunt them to become their meal but only the best falcons can catch a Houbara because of their big size and their speed and colouring make them extremely tricky prey . But the Houbara has adaptations that help them avoid preddators such as their color which is a perfect camouflage because it blends in with the colors of the desert which makes them almost invisble when they are not moving. Also another intersting thing is that houbaras acutally produce some sort of goo that temporarily blinds the predator long enough for the houbara to run away and this goo is shot out of the houbaras underside when it feels danger. Also when the houabra sences danger it normally hides away but the predator or the hunter finds it becaus eof the foot prints that it leaves. So why does the UAE trying the save the houbara as hard as they can because they represent a very big part of the UAE s heritage. Earlier in the UAE they use to hunt the houbaras and eat them in special occasions as a sign of wealth and it was their favorite meal until it start becoming extinct.The falconers are basically trained falcons to hunt down different animals . The houbara has always been very hard for the falconers to catch because once they blend in the desert it is almost invisible to find them and the are very fast so in a blink of an eye they could move from one place to another.

NARC and its work to help conserve the Houbara

International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) is a global organization dedicated to the and preservation of the Houbara bustard. Its vision is a sustainable future for the houbara bustard and its mission is to conserve the Houbara bustard through breeding and release of sustainable practices across .The breeding and release programme, which continues to expand year on year. Complimented by the Fund’s work in the fields of education and sustainable community development, the IFHC continues to work towards reinstating a healthy and sustainable population of Houbara.


So as we learned many information about the Houbaras and every detail about it we learned What are the houbara and where do they live? The houbara food web , The Migration and what is it all about ? and Why are the houbaras vulnerable to extinction?. We hope that you have learned many information about the houbara and we hope the you have enjoyed it . So help save the houbara and have a nice day.