Mary Poppins Play

Read to find out about the 4th grade field trip!

Our field trip!

Where we went?

We had to get to the Huntley High school so we rove over railroad tracks and stuff like that.

( we had a nice breeze from the bus ) we saw logos above the doors like pictures ( That stands for Huntley High School ) and stuff but then we got out of all the buses and saw a gigantic hallway and then we watched the play begin ( and someone was taking pictures of everyone )

What we saw…..

We went to see the Mary poppins play.When we were heading to the high school we saw train tracks and all the other thing you would see like houses,parks,and stores.We also saw statues when we walked into the high school that were creepy and cool

What it was about…

Mary poppins was about a family whose nanny(Nanna Kathe)quit!Mary Poppins shows up with the note that the dad ripped and put in the fireplace!She gets hired!She takes the kids on crazy adventures!Mary Poppins leaves!Mr.Bank’s old nanny comes and she is awful!The kids do not like her.They go and run to get Mary Poppins and she saves them from that Mean Old Nanny!It was also a musical!there was a lot of singing!

What we liked about it……We liked how they actually flew above the sky.We also liked the singing,it was beautiful!We also liked how they had the lights off,and it was dark.