Hostess Packets


Jewelry Bar bookings are the anchor of our business and being prepared is one of the most important favors you can do for yourself.

There are various flyers, graphics, specials, envelopes you can use to include or house your hostess packets but in my opinion, the nest does a GREAT job providing us with everything we need and more.

Here is what I use to house and what I include in my hostess packets.

Jewelry Bar Planner Folders

Make it easy for your Hostesses to plan their Jewelry Bar® with our Jewelry Bar Planners. These handy folders provide your Hostesses with all the information needed for a successful Jewelry Bar.

Available in the Origami Owl BackOffice

Quanty: 6

Item #: MT1003


Jewelry Bar Hostess Folder Contents

Here is what I usually include in my Hostess packet:

  • My business card
  • A Hostess letter. It thanks them for booking the party again. It also has the date, time and when I will arrive. It also has detailed instructions. (attached)
  • {2} Catalogs
  • 5 order forms for collecting outside orders before the party
  • 25 invitations unless she requests more or less
  • Points of Difference Flyer (attached)
  • Designer opportunity flyer (attached)
  • Hostess Exclusive Flyer

Various Fun Folder Contents!

On top of your "Must Haves" you can choose to offer fun Goals for your hostess to work towards.

I am a firm believe that our hostess program provides enough BUT it's sometimes fun to CHALLENGE your hostess some earn MORE!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic Tac Toe is absolutely my favorite game to add to the hostess packet. It is simple and fun and hostesses just love following this instruction sheet to earn more goodies. All you have to do is on your computer, create a graph that looks like a tic-tac-toe board; 3 squares in 3 rows. In each of the squares, place a different task the hostess should complete to have a successful party. If the hostess can make a tic-tac-toe, she wins a nice prize.

Here are some examples of what to enter in the squares on your tic-tac-toe board.

  • Have at least 10 guests in attendance (corner)
  • Have $150 in orders prior to the show (corner)
  • Have one dating prior to the show (center square)
  • Get Guest Mailing List back to consultant within 48 hours
  • Have at least 30 people on Guest Mailing List
  • Call your guests personally to invite them
  • Call your guests 2 days before the show to remind them
  • Set an appointment to hear about The Opportunity (corner)
  • Have party at original date and time

  • Hostess Bonus Boxes (attached)

Same idea as TIC TAC TOE.

  • Suggest a Theme Party
The key to theme parties is EZ! Stress the fact that theme does not equal hard. Theme does not always mean Pinterest searching. A slight snack change, tablecloth color and voila' - you have a theme.


Walking into a themed party gets you thinking about what you want in your locket!

Take a look at our Theme Idea Sheet {Attached}

Follow Up is Key!!

After the packet is sent out, contact the hostess a few days later to be sure that they got the packet and to check to see how they want to handle the the guest list.

The hostess can handle the guest list, but offer to handle it and this will provide an opportunity to get outside orders before the party and also call in a friendly reminder as the party them of date/time. This is also a great time to offer a small prize (if in your budget) if they bring a friend.

One mistake I consistently see is that designers send the hostess packet and don’t follow up with the hostess.

Be sure to contact the hostess and go over with every piece of contents that are in the folder.

This is the part of coaching that MUST happen in order to ensure an awesome party. Talk to her about the hostess exclusive and explain what her party total needs to be in order for her to get everything she wants.

The key to great parties is staying in contact with your hosts even after following up with the packet. You can’t always rely on your hosts to stay on top of things.

Remember, there is a chance they have never done this before and they may not be familiar with how our business works. Coaching them and making sure they have an amazing jewelry bar experience is your #1 job.

Stay in Contact with your Hostess

Staying in contact with your Jewelry Bar hostess is also imperative.

  • Discuss the number of attendees
  • Suggest simple food ideas
  • Get her wish list
  • If you don't carry stock, ask for any special requests for viewing
  • Get an idea of attendees so you can design sample lockets

Our Hostess Coaching Checklist makes organizing contact EASY! {Attached}

Need help with tricky questions or a script when you reach out to your hostess?

We have help for that too! {attached}