Florida Flight 90

By Leo and Dev

The Crash

The crash was a accident that involved a plane crashing into the Potomic River. The plane or Florida Flight 90 was very devastating crash that happened in the year of 1982 which woke up a new era of evolving the technology that will keep the plane system and society safe. But the sad thing was out of the about 80 amount only 5 survived. There are many reasons by the plane crashing but one of the main one is numerous decisions by he pilots.

The Man In The Water

The Man in The Water

This story was about man who survived the plane crash. He remembers how it went. He got saved by the helicopter he was drowning but luckily he saved by the helicopter. His name was Larry. This accident was on January 13, 1982. Many people died but he was lucky and survived. All the people died but 7. This was an amazing story how it happened and how he survived.

Joe Stiley

He is a man who survived the plane crash. He broke 60 bones because of the plane crash. He barely remembers the crash, but because of the plane crash he gets dreams about the plane crash. Joe Stiley said he knew something was wrong with plane. He saw that something was on the plane it was snow. He wished he can get off the plane but he didn't but at least he survived.