my winter break

kelsie settles

My hobbies are sleeping, watching Netflix, playing with my puppy and hoping wit my sister and cousin Kellie. I have a mom, dad, a brother and, a sister. My brother Preston is 16 and in 10th grade. My sister Stacie is 17, she's already graduated and she having a baby in may. My mom Tiffany is a NICU nurse and my dad Andy is a mechanic. I don't know what i want to be when i grow up. Over the break my sister came and stayed at my house with us for christmas cause it was her dads year for Christmas. On Christmas day i did my family christmas and them went to my dads moms house until 3pm. Then we went home dropped everything off and the went to my moms mom for her christmas and then after all that we got home at like 11pm and we went to bed. My favorite christmas gift was probably my puppy. I didn't go on any vacations i just stayed home. I didn't do any clubs over the break either. I don't wanna do any clubs or sports this semester. And grey anatomy is my favorite thing to watch on netflix.