We Need a Hero...

..with courage,outstanding achievements and noble qualities.

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In todays world, a man in a helmet defending a football makes more money than a man in a helmet defending our country. Seems silly right? This has always been the case but when is enough enough? We need a hero to solve this problem.

Who Should Make More?

Something to Live By

"You can either be part of the solution, or you can be part of the problem. You make the call."
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Upheld Values

A hero is one who supports the military. They realize their job is very dangerous, and they sacrifice much so that we can live free. They also realize that soldiers are torn from their families and leave every time knowing they may never see them again.


Troops have to do their job in all conditions whereas football will be cancelled if it's too rainy. Soldiers don't complain about this obvious injustice: 'It's not about the money, it's about helping the country,' said Harris Takakis, a former soldier, displaying the kind of modesty you don't see from some footballers.

Effects on Others

In the Soldier’s Code, they pledge to “treat others with dignity and respect while expecting others to do the same.” Respect is what allows them to appreciate the best in other people. Respect is trusting that all people have done their jobs and fulfilled their duty. And self-respect is an important factor in the Army's value of respect, which results from knowing you have put forth your best effort. The Army is one team and each of us has something to contribute.

Actions They Have\Chose\Willing to take

Soldiers demonstrate a number of qualities that make them a hero.


Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, their unit and other Soldiers.


-Fulfill their obligations.


-Treat people as they should be treated

4.Selfless Service

-Put the welfare of the Nation, the Army and their subordinates before their own.


-Live up to Army values.


-Do what’s right, legally and morally.


-Face fear, danger or adversity (physical or moral).

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