Material Safety Data Sheet

By: Emily Fernandez

About Me

Element: Emilithium

Atomic Mass: 68.0388555

Symbols: EM

Discoverer: Jacob Fernandez and Marcie Smeby

Occurrence: Plano, TX


1. Surface- Happy, Funny, Outgoing, Sweet, Understanding

2. Boils When- Someone put's me down or doesn't support me.

3. Melts If- I'm given a compliment, or if someone makes an effort to make me happy.

4. Can Cause Sadness If- Someone I'm close with is going through a rough time in their life.

5. Becomes Stubborn And Unyielding When- Someone doesn't care about my feelings and openly expresses that to me.


1. Is Repelled By- People who bring lots of drama into my life.

2. Is Attracted To- People who make an effort to stay in my life.

3. Requires Copious Amounts Of- Attention, comfort, and affection.

4. Is Rendered Nonfunctional When- IT comes to expressing my feelings to someone I care a lot about.

5. Is Neutral To- People who purposely try to get on my nerves and make me feel bad.