Plant Life

By: Jonathan Rodriguez

Have you ever wondered, whats inside a plant, how do they produce food, well I know.

What's inside a plant and how they make food.

Plant's are living creatures, so they need to eat. They create there food by using a process called photosynthesis. They use the sun to make sugar. But this isn't ordinary sugar, its food. With all the left over gasses it took to make the food they give oxygen out to us. Plants have veins. Just like we do, they are the long lines inside of the leaf.

What makes strawberry seeds so unique?

What makes strawberry seeds so unique. They are unique because the seeds are on the outside. That is unique because they are usually in the inside. However they are still edible!

Which direction does the sun flower point to?

What direction does the sunflower point to? They point to the sun. They do this because they sense a charge in the sunlight.

What is the largest type of seed in the world?

Do you know what is the largest type of seed in the world? The largest type of seed in the world is called the Coco De Mer. The plant grows up to 25-30 m long. Coco de mer is a coconut.

Why are cactus stem very thick?

Why are cactus stems very thick? They are very thick because they store water in there because they live in dry places.