A Long Way Gone

Ishmeal Beah

Ishmael's internal struggle

Ishmael and his friends were so hungry he had to go and take food from a child.

people where terrified of boys there age, so they had to be really careful.

Ishmael got separated from his friends and had to fend for himself.

the fear of his own suppressed thoughts appearing in his dreams.

historical connection

The war\ terrorist thing that is going on in the book is also happening in present day all of the terrorist attacks that have been going around.

Two conflicts

self + man

Ishmael has to watch out for other people who might be hungry enough to kill him, and has to watch out for the solders that are trying to capture more people for solders.

Self+ nature

Ishmael has to find food and has to keep watch all of the time so a creature doesn't come and kill him and so he doesn't eat or touch something bad.