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April 7 - April 17, 2014

Ribbit, Ribbit....Quack, Quack!

For the next two weeks, we will be learning about ponds and pond life. We will talk about how ponds are different from oceans and how ocean animals and pond animals are different. We will also learn about things you can do when you go to a pond or things you might take to a pond. We will make crafts, read books, play games, sing songs, and engage in sensory activities that relate to the pond life. As always, we will continue to work on appropriate social interactions, social language, turn-taking, and fine motor skills.

Weekly Concepts

  • Week 1 = Z,z
  • Week 2 = X,x


  • Week 1 = 27
  • Week 2 = 28


  • Week 1 = Rectangle
  • Week 2 = Oval


  • Week 1 = Green
  • Week 2 = white

Related Theme Books

Here are some great books about the pond animals. I hope you get a chance to enjoy the library with your child!

  • Pond Babies, by Cathryn Falwell
  • Turtle Splash, by Cathryn Falwell
  • Otters Under the Water, by Jim Arnosky
  • Jump, Frog, Jump, by Robert Kalan
  • Emma's Turtle, by Eve Bunting
  • Dimity Duck, by Jane Yolen
  • Pond Walk, by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
  • Have You Seen My Duckling?, by Nancy Tafuri
  • Leap Back Home to Me, by Lauren Thompson


Join us on Friday, April 25th from 5:30 to 8:00 for CRES FEST! You may remember this being called the Spring Carnival in the past. This year, the PTO has worked extra hard to make this event even bigger and better! Radio Disney will be here to provide music and family fun. There will be food trucks, a silent auction, games, prizes, face painting, and Hoops for Riley! This event is open to all families, friends, neighbors, and future CRES families. So come and join the fun!

Kindergarten Round-Up

Kindergarten Round-Up is scheduled for Thursday, April 17, at all HSE elementary schools. If your child will be attending kindergarten next year, you are invited to attend at the elementary school your child will be attending. You and your child will be able to tour the school, meet the kindergarten teachers, and take a bus ride around the parking lot. If you are unable to attend, contact the school your child will be attending to inquire about an alternate time to complete registration. Even though your child is enrolled in the early childhood program, your child is not registered for kindergarten until you have completed the forms. If you are unsure which elementary school your child should attend, you can go to the HSE website Click on the tab "Our District." On the left hand side, you will see the links "Maps and Boundaries" and "Subdivision-School Finder." Both of those will help you find the correct elementary school your child should attend. If you have questions, please let me know.

HSE Illness Policy

Unfortunately, we have had many sick children and staff in our school recently, and I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the district's illness policy. If your child has had a fever, has vomited, or has had diarrhea, he/she must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. With a fever, your child must be fever free without the use of fever-reducing medication for 24 hours before returning to school. I know this is sometimes frustrating, because you do not want your child to miss school. We don't want your child to miss school, either. However, we do not want to spread illness throughout the class. Thanks so much for your understanding.


  • If your child will not be riding the bus, please contact transportation prior to school to let them know at 594-4117.
  • Please check your child's notebook daily for important information and/or artwork that is being sent home.