The Black Cat

By: Edgar Allen Poe


Narrator: A bully and a murderer, and was known for creating chaos in his house for Himself, wife, and pets. He is narrating the story in his prison cell, the day before his scheduled execution. He explains his transition from a nice guy to a man filled with evil intent. He blames his insane actions of killing his wife on the black cat. The black cat apparently caused him to go insane and murder his wife. His alibi tells the reader that he is not insane or crazy.

Wife: A kind, giving, loyal wife that makes out of her way to please the narrator. The more the Narrator abuses her the more sympathetic she gets. She buys animals such as birds, a monkey, a nice defined dog, gold fish, some rabbits, and Pluto the black cat.

Pluto- A perfect cat in size, in fur, and is wise. Pluto was a cat that was privileged to the maximum. Thus, later on in the story we find that Pluto became an abused animal, ultimately murdered by the owner (Narrator).

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The Black Cat

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