"Save Me" Saves dogs

Ava Trachtenberg 5W, Think, Care, Act project

Why I Chose To Help Dogs

I chose to help dogs because in other years people did this project and they did things such as puppy mills. When I saw this I knew some dogs where unhappy and also how sad it was, I wanted to make some dogs feel loved, happy, and cared for.

about the shelter

Operation Ava/ Saved Me provides the dogs a safe, responsible, and loving home for recuses. All of their dogs are rescue dogs. They are focused on saving and rescuing many lives. Save me is against any kind of animal abused. For any one who wants to adopt they have to make sure they will give them a good home, I really like that because then the animals won't go off with a person who will not provide them what they need. As for medical care , Save Me has a partnership with "The Pet Mechanic" that is where they get very good medical care and treatment for injured, sick, abused, and neglected dogs. The people that volunteer at "Save Me" are compassionate loving individuals. They take time out of their day to come and help these dogs for free. They inspire me to do better in anything that I choose to believe in. I can tell that they LOVE helping animals.

"Save Me"

For my TCA project I decided to help a shelter called Saved Me, formally known as Operation AVA. I really wanted to help the dogs at this shelter because they don't have a family. To me it is very sad, I really wanted to make these dogs feel happy. For my project i am being sponsored by Petco, they gave me some toys to give to the animals. Then I found a recipe to make little paw shaped treats for the dogs.