National Unfriend Day

By: Riley Sears

What it's about

National Unfriend Day is not actually unfriending your friends in real life. I do not suggest that you go up to your friend on November 17th saying, "We aren't friends for today". You are actually unfriending your friends on Facebook. Jimmy Kimmel, from Jimmy Kimmel Live, said that friends over Facebook is undermining real friendship.
It started off as a joke in 2010, but more people have been doing it now. Kimmel said we should all do it at once, it will hurt less people, so he made it on one day.

If unfriending seems a bit too harsh, there are other options of Facebook now.

~You can unfollow posts...So you don't see posts, but you can keep them as a friend.

~You can just unfriend them...simple as that.

~Or, you can block them...this will make it impossible for them to contact you, on Facebook at least.