INFT124 - Computing Skills

Week 4 Lecture

Web Browser Compatibility

This week you will be exploring web browser compatibility. This is very important as you will need to know what browser works most effectively with the various technologies that you will use throughout your educational journey here at Bryant & Stratton College.

For example, FireFox is the most recommended browser when working in our Learning Management System, Blackboard. Why is this important? Sometimes when you use a browser that is not compatible with another software or Learning Management System, such as Blackboard, you will not be able to see all of the content and/or may be missing some important features.

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Knowing which browsers function the most effectively with other software will help you to be more productive and efficient. Also, knowing other browsers to try when experiencing technical issues can also be helpful in the troubleshooting process.

Take a look at the browser documentation provided by clicking the button below to learn more about which browsers work best for the various technologies that you may use throughout your educational experiences.
Supported Browsers Information Documentation

Compares the different browsers compatibility.

Think about it...

Now that you have reviewed the information as to which browsers are most compatible with various technologies used here at Bryant & Stratton College, think about how this information relates to other technologies you use and the various software programs that you access on each device.


What happens when your computer starts to act up on you? Should you call the repair or IT guy? Maybe, but you could try to solve it yourselves by troubleshooting the problem. Visit the following website for some great troubleshooting tips and general guidelines.


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