Top 3 Inventions/Discoveries


1. Gunpowder

The first invention I chose is gunpowder because its so important. Gunpowder tremendously changed the way countries fought in war. All weapons like bows and swords were replaced by guns and cannons. Guns are used for war, self defense, and hunting. Gunpowder also is the reason we can explore outer space, although the first rockets were used for a different purpose. Without gunpowder we wouldn't be the country we are today.

2. Small Pox Inoculation

Small Pox Inoculation is one of my favorite inventions because it helps us from becoming sick. Inoculation for Small Pox led to making vaccines for many more diseases. It is hard to keep our bodies healthy because germs are everywhere. We are so lucky that the Chinese people found a way to help prevent sickness.

3. Paper

Paper is an amazing invention, and the Chinese kept it a secret for more than 500 years! Paper influenced life back then so much and still does today. It can be used for communication, important information, books, journals, and more. So much information is kept on paper about our ancestors, history, scientific facts, and stories! Paper is definitely one of the most important and life changing inventions of all time.

By: Anika Bragg