Moo York

We have the best chicken sandwiches around!

Fabulous sign!

I bet you've heard of the Las Vegas sign, but have you seen the Moo York sign? With a perimeter of 16 square inches, an area of 15 inches, 2 lines of symetry, and 4 right angles, this neon sign is like no other.

Our 2-D shapes:


As you walk down Milky Way Road, you see the Milky Way Planetarium, wich is a sphere. Strolling over to it, you count 0 faces, 0 edges, and 0 vertices. You look in front of you, and you see Judge Cowy's Court. This gold cylinder has 2 faces, 0 edges, and 0 verteces. You look beside it and see a graffitied cube phone booth that has 6 faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges. You call a ride to pick you up, and you drive over to a cone that is Moo Moo's Ice Cream Parlor. You buy some chocolate chip ice cream, and notice another phone booth that is congruent to the other phone booth near the planitarium. You stroll over to the crossing guard, Mr. Fa Lae, and cross Milky Way Road safley. There, you see a triangular pyrimid, and soon you realize it is Mary Moo's School House. Then, you cross Utter Lane and Main Moo and find yourself in front of Chick Fa La. This rectangular prism has 6 faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges. You end the day with a chicken sandwich, and you walk back home and saying, "Eat more chicken!"


If you look at Moo York from a birds eye veiw, you can see that Milky Way Road is perpendicular to Main Moo and Utter Lane. Milky Way Road is also parellel to Cow Patty Street. Dairy Cow Driveway intercects Milky Way Road, Main Moo, Cow Patty Street and Utter Lane.
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