How they Changed History


Although nails did not come about from one large event, or cause a major event, they are still super important in several major events. Nails in some shape or form have been used by almost everyone throughout history. From bronze nails used by the ancient Egyptians, to modern day buildings with nails in them.

Innovations to the Nails

Nails have gone through three major periods, so they had two major innovations.

The original was the Hand-Wrought nail (Pre-history-1800) where metal rods were hand forged into nail forms.

The first innovation was the Cut Nail (1800-1914) where machines were made to try to speed up and automatize the process of making nails.

The second innovation was the Wire Nails (1860-Present) these nails are made from coils of wire and this process has been completely automated.

A wire nail Production plant (volume warning)

Wire Nail Production Plant. Nail Machines THA

How Nails changed history

Economic effects

Nails are so important in building and creating that plenty of jobs have been created with the purpose of making and using nails. Nails are also used in creating buildings that house people and businesses literally everywhere in the world.

Environmental Effects

Nails have a negative effect on the environment as the metal used in them does have to be taken out of the ground through mines or some other form, and most nails are made in factories in this day in age.

Cultural Effects

Nails are used for buildings, hanging things, and holding horse shoes on hoofs. They are in a large amount of major of religious buildings and some artifacts so they can support a lot of cultures. Nails are also used to destroy culture by replacing existing buildings and cultures.

Political effects

Nails have been used for political buildings, and in more ancient times they were used in machines of war, like catapults.

Societal effects

Nails bring people together by supporting buildings used for gathering people, like schools and churches.