A Neon Night

Pinson Valley High School Prom

Pinson Valley Prom is coming soon!

Theme: A Neon Night

Location: The Zamora Temple

Pinson Valley Prom

Friday, April 12th 2013 at 8pm

3521 Ratliff Road

Birmingham, AL


Red Lobster-- Full Course Meal

Creamy Potato Bacon

Cup 4.50

Bowl 5.50

Admiral's Feast

Walt’s Favorite Shrimp, bay scallops, clam strips and flounder fried to a golden brown. 17.99

Chocolate Wave

Warm, rich chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. 6.25

Fountain Beverages

Coke®, Diet Coke®, Sprite®, Dr Pepper®, Minute Maid® Light™ Lemonade, Minute Maid® Raspberry Lemonade, Classic Lemonade

The total cost of this meal would be around $62.70

Pinson Valley Teachers