The Weekly Jr. Oiler

June 22, 2018

A Great Year!

Thank you all for a wonderful 2017-2018 school year. It has been my pleasure to serve as principal of Dwyer and I look forward to many more awesome years! It is truly exciting to see all the 6th Graders enter the halls for the first time and grow so much in one short year. It is equally as exciting to watch the 8th Graders mature and set off into high school.

This school year has had tons of learning experiences as well as fun social events. I am so proud of our teachers for the rigor they provide, our APA Jr. program for opening up doors into performing arts for our students, and our coaches for the champions they foster. There are many other programs and events that are not named, however I am truly grateful for all of those too.

Good luck to all the 8th Graders. Thank you and we will see the rest of you in the fall!

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The Class of 2018

Promotion was a great event today! Dwyer promoted 467 students to the 9th Grade. We had so many students earn awards for academics and sports that were given out at either the 8th Grade Awards Picnic or at Promotion today. Here is a list of some of the awards:

Principal's Distinguished Honor Roll - 177 students

Perfect Attendance in 8th Grade - 18 students

Perfect Attendance all 3 years - 6 students

President's Education Award of Academic Excellence - 182 students

National Junior Honor Society - 81 students

Perfect 4.0 all 3 years - 45 students

Outstanding Achievement in Core - Susan Phan

Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics - Eva Nastevska

Outstanding Achievement in Science - Logan Davies

Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts - Christina Nghiem

Outstanding Achievement in Performing Arts - Sienna Johnston

Female Athlete of the Year - Penelope Nelson

Male Athlete of the Year - Antonio Ventimiglia

Jr. Oiler Excellence Award, Female - Jaana Mantere

Jr. Oiler Excellence Award, Male - Jake Alvarez

HBCSD Board of Trustees Award - Helena Nguyen

Congratulations to all the promoting Jr. Oilers!

What's Happening?

June 23 - Summer!!!!!!!!

August 28 - 7th Grade Registration Day

August 29 - 8th Grade Registration Day, AM

August 29 - 6th Grade Registration Day, PM

August 30 - Destination Dwyer (WEB) Orientation, 6th Graders and new students

September 6 - First Day of School