Maurya Empire!

By Emily Miller

The Mauryan Emipre!

The Mauryan Empire was ruled by the Maurya Dynasty from 322-185 BCE by Chandragupta Maurya. It originated from the kingdom of Magadha in the eastern side of Indian subcontinent. The empires capital was Patalipurta, which is modern day Patna.

Fun Fact!

The Mauryan Empire was the largest empire of the world at that time and lasted for 137 years!

Interesting Facts about the Mauryan Empire!!!

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Mauryan Coins

Coins made by the Mauryans were mostly silver, hardly any copper. Each coin had some sort of symbols on them mostly elephants, the tree in railing symbols and the mountain. The symbols are said to have some sort of royal insignia or of the local guild that struck the coin.
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Above is the Mauryan ringstone with standing goddess, this was made around the 3rd century BCE. The potters wheel became universally popular. These were usually made of grey clay and sometimes a red hue. This ware was used largely for dishes and small bowls.