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Three Young Entrepreneurs You Must Know About!

And you thought that the young could never be successful business entrepreneurs?

If this is what constantly runs in your mind, then there’s something that you must know – your age is just an excuse. There are many young and aspiring entrepreneurs in different industries. In fact, most of them are successful because of their own hard and smart works. With the help of their minds and the growing technology, they are now at the peak of success.

Read below to know about three such young and successful entrepreneurs:

1) Name: Eden Full

Age: 21

Business: Creator of SunSaluter

Right from the time she was in her high school, she created and developed the SunSaluter, which is a solar panel with the capacity to rotate with the moves of sun. Since it moves with the position of the sun, it maximizes its efficiency. It has a tracking mechanism, which uses thermal expansion. This makes it easy to maintain and costs comparatively lower than the electric motor, which is used in other solar panels.

No doubt, she took help from her professor, but the main mind behind the concept was always hers. She took a long time to transform her idea into reality. She went to Kenya to find out if her idea could be implemented in reality. To her surprise, it did work, but not too well to meet her expectations. Thus, she needed more funds to make her project work, which she gathered with the help of a scholarship she won in the year 2012. She then established her own company under the name of Rosseicollis Technologies Inc.

At present, this successful entrepreneur is now helping more than 6,000 people to get clean and pure water as well as power. Her company is performing many such amazing works for the betterment of people.

2) Name: Caroline Walerud

Age: 23

Business: Volumental

Who has not heard of this popular entrepreneur, who gained success because of his unique cloud-based 3D scanner?

He is the CEO and Co-founder of Volumental, a company that has made a difference in the world of technology. This company has built the first cloud-based 3D scanner and has enlightened the life of a lot of people, thanks to the concept. It is an amazing innovation in the field of automation. If you have a browser with a camera, you can create models of anything in your house. With the help of this 3D product, you can easily get a replica of your own self.

Caroline is known as the Super Talent for the year 2013. Her innovation is mind-boggling, with a sense of uniqueness in it.

It was not an easy task for Caroline to transform her idea into reality. She struggled days and nights on her project. In the year 2012, she was quite popular for leading the company on a Kickstarter campaign of $27,362.

At present, she is one of the most famous and successful women entrepreneurs in the world. Her 3D scanner and printer is an amazing innovation, which has made a huge difference in the field of technology.

3) Name: Palmer Luckey

Age: 21

Business: Oculus VR

Palmer has introduced something, which is said to be the most unique future of gaming. Oculus VR, the company that is founded by Palmer, is striving hard to develop the virtual reality headset. This headset is going to change the gaming experience completely, for all the game lovers in the world. Palmer is surely working hard enough to bring this concept as soon as he and his team members can.

His high definition prototype, which was introduced last year in 2014, has already gained immense popularity and people are now desperately waiting for the new generation headset from Palmer’s company.

As soon as Oculus comes up with the virtual reality headset, there is going to be a revolution in the gaming industry.

If you think you are too young to do something on your own, it is time for you to learn about more such entrepreneurs. There are many young and aspiring businessmen as well as businesswomen settled in different industries. All you need to do is find the industry that interests you the most and then find out what you can make to create a difference in that field.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your gender is, if you have an aim, you need to construct the road to reach your goal. Once you know different things about the industry that interests you, gather as much knowledge as you can and put your hard-earned experience to be successful.

Remember – if you have a goal, all you need to do, then, is to make a way to achieve it. So don’t just sit there – get going and create your plan!

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