Election of 1800

John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson

Who would you chose????????

John Adams, the Federilist, versus Thomas Jefferson the Democratic-Republican. John Adams has beat Thomas at the last election in 1776. Well, I will tell you this election will be close. I don't know about you, but I am voting for John Adams.

1. Since John Adams is a federilist, he obviously likes a strong national government. I think this is good, because the states might let the power get to their heads, and rebel, or leave the U.S. Most people think that this will be exactly like England, where King George III ruled, but this is different. We get to vote for who we want, not someone who is passed down control. The president also has to serve 2- terms, and can only be President TWICE.

2. John Adams also thinks that our economy should be buisness based. I follow him, because we have quite a few trade partners, which we can sell stuff for higher prices to them. Farmers will still be needed, but not as much as usual. It's time to progress through technology and start making a difference in our country.

3. John Adams thinks that rich and edcuated people should be president, instead of any ol' common, uneducated folk. Well, some say he's right, and I'm one of them. What would happen if an uneducated person was president, and he accidently started a war that killed over half of our population? Then our country will be horrible, made fun of, and everything we've done had gone to waste. So, vote for John Adams, and I hope this newsflash was inspiring.

Ends up that Thomas Jefferson won, and became our 3rd president. I am sorry that those who followed John Adams did not get the president they desired. Now the old farmboy has taken over, and probablly do something that will mess up our country, just so the southerners will be happy. Yet again, sorry guys.


Whoever is reading this, just know that my reasons are numbered, and that the numbers go with the pictures below. The picture right below this hint is #1, the next is #2, and so on.