Weirdest Animals In The World

Haylee Bentley


A type of Salamander, which is a amphibian. It stays in a larval stage throughout its life. It has feathery gills and lidless eyes. If a Axolotl loses a limb a new one will grow quickly it can also regenerate complex body parts. They can be found in Lake Xochimilco, on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Patagonian Cavy, or Mara

The Patagonian Cavy, or Mara, can hop like a kangaroo or run like a dog which is awesome!! This animal lives in the grasslands of Central and South Argentina and their population is rapidly decreasing.

Siberian Flying Squirrel

The Siberian flying squirrel builds its nest in the holes left in trees by woodpeckers. There habitat is old forests of Finland and Estonia.


Echidnas are mammals that live in Australia and are like the weird cousins of duck-billed platypuses. Is now living at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital near Sydney.

Spotted Dogfish

Likes a rough or rocky bottom and areas where there is algae coverin. The greater spotted dogfish has hundreds of leopard-like spots that cover its entire body of 162 centimeters. Under the belly of the dogfish are larger and lighter colored leopard-like spots, this is because the belly is white. The greater spotted dogfish is larger than the lesser spotted dogfish by about 80 centimeters.
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