ELA Tic-Tac-Toe

Daniel's Story

Comparisons- Margot and Erika


- They were both quiet and reserved

- They both had people who looked up to them

- They both were sent to concentration camps


- Erika changed and became more brave and outgoing while Margot stayed the same

- Erika was in love with playing violin while Margot had not had a hobby that she had loved yet

- Erika was forced into working in order to survive in the Ghetto, while Margot was in hiding.

Pivotal Action

If Daniel chose to run away from the Gestapo guards when sneaking into the cellar at night that he and Friedrich were supposed to hide in, then he would not have gotten caught by them because it was too dark for them to see him. He chose to follow the directions of the guards because he was too afraid of getting hurt or killed by them. If he chose to run away from the officers, then i think he would have been able to escape them because there are many places he could hide and it was very dark so he wouldn't have been captured by them even if they chased him or shot at him. After escaping the guards, he would be able to hide in the cellar with Friedrich instead of having to go to the concentration camps that he was sent to after getting caught.