Virtual resume

Harnoor Singh.


S- For my smart goal I want to pass all of my courses with an average above 80 percent.

M- I will also request my teachers to give me extra help when I don’t understand an assignment. If all of this doesn’t work I will go to a tutor to get extra help with my school work.

A- To successfully accomplish my goal I will finish all of my homework on time from now on. In order to accomplish my goal I will study 30 minutes extra every day after doing my homework.

R- I think getting 80 percent is really good to get for my future career as a police officer. I think most of the good collages and university’s only accept you if your average grade is aver 80 percent. Getting a 80 percent average will make my chances of getting into a good collage or a university higher than they are right now.

T- I want to accomplish this goal before the end of my high school career because I want to get accepted into a good university and start off my career on the right steps.


S- For my volunteering smart goal I want to volunteer with the eco energy foundation.

M- I will tell them about my SAP project and how its related to what they do, which will increase my chances of them accepting me as a volunteer.

A- To accomplish this goal I will contact eco energy and try to set up an interview with them.

R- Accomplishing this goal can help me get my 40 volunteer hours that I need in order to graduate high school . This goal can also help me with my SAP project because volunteering with eco energy counts as an action.

T- I want to accomplish this goal before the end of this semester because the SAP project only lasts till the end of the semester.

virtual resume

Harnoor Singh

Harnoor Singh

90 Grower crest.

289-505-2895 ▪


To obtain a full time job as a Peel District Police officer.


January 2020 To August 2021.

Leader of the weight lifting club. After school Club.

Taught people how to weight lift and did weight lifting.

Weight lifters club.

August 2019 to July 2020.

Door to Door sale men.

Advertised and encouraged to people to buy the Fiber Internet from Bell Canada.

Bell Canada salesmen.

March 2018 to January 2019.

McDonald’s employee.

Took food orders and cooked food.

McDonald Canada.


  • Can use light and heavy firearm.
  • Capable of driving any type of vehicle.
  • Familiar with most of the police equipment.
  • Physically fit.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Handle situations calmly
  • Organized.


Mohawk college

August 2022 ▪ Advanced police studies certificate.

Humber college.

August 2020 ▪ police foundation diploma.


Available upon request.

Calanges and solutions.

Job of a police officer can be really hard some times. A police office has to do whatever it takes to protect the people of his city. Police officers have to work on the weekends and on festive holidays. This means that they don’t get to spend a lot of time with there family’s. If you get a day off on the weekends or a holiday, you might still have to go to work. This causes them to cancel their family plans that they have been planning for a long time. This can cause problems with your family and kids because you are not giving them enough time. There are 2 ways that can help you overcome this challenge. You can either have an backup plan Ex, if you plan of going somewhere during the weekend gets cancelled, as a back up make a plan of going to same place on a Monday or the next weekend. Having a backup plan is always good because you never know what going to happen. The other was is by booking a day off when you are planning on doing something with your family. Try to book it as early as possible to make sure that you will get a day off and not have to cancel any plans. Booking it as early as possible is important because there might be other officers who are trying to take the same day off as yours. These 2 simple ways that can help you overcome this challenge.

Being a police officer is really hard, you have to respond to whatever emergency situation you are assigned to. While doing this job don’t get to decide what type of work you want to do. Sometimes you are assigned to do certain task without your permission. You have to respond to horrific situations like murders and accidents. While responding to these calls police officers witness death, blood and shooting of people. This can be really depressing for a police officer. Sometimes the memories of the horrific accidents stays in your mind. This can affect your daily life and your work life. This can cause you to think that you are not mentally fit to do this job and you get thought of quitting your job. There are ways of overcoming this challenge while doing your job. One simple way of overcoming this challenge is by relaxing you mind. You can do this by taking a day off or going to a vacation. By doing this your mind gets relaxed and you don’t get thoughts of horrific things that you have witnesses. The other way is by talking and relating to someone who is also expressing this problem. This can help you a lot because you are sharing you problem with someone. This causes you to think that you are not the only one who is expressing this problem and it’s not a big deal. Doing these 2 simple things help you save your work life.