Savvy By Ingrid Law

Book Summary By Grace Thibodeaux

Introduction Summary

Savvy, by Ingrid Law, is a whimsical tale of Mississippi Beaumont, or better known as Mibs, and her savvy. A savvy is a unique supernatural power you receive on the day of your thirteenth birthday. As the book unfolds, Mibs learns about her savvy and it's radical powers. But, with a sudden change of events, Mibs learns that a savvy doesn't always fit your liking.

(Books by Ingrid Law, 2016)


Mibs - Mibs, short for Mississippi, is a out-going, curious girl. She's always open to exploring her family history with savvys, and anything dealing with an adventure. Mibs is always looking for an adventure.

Fish - Fish is an over protective brother of Mibs. He always feels the need to look after her, even if that means going missing. Fish would never let anything happen to his sister.

Will Junior - Will Junior is the son of a pastor, but Will is anything but Holy. He also has a gigantic crush on Mibs.

Bobbi - Bobbi is a rebellious teenager who loves other people's misery. She doesn't like very many people to begin with. She basically does what she wants and never listenes to authority. But, throughout the book, she becomes a nicer person and she realizes that she needed to change.

Mr. Lester - Mr. Lester has a stutter and a twitch to him. He's always nervous for things, he also doesn't have many people skills. People speak badly of him and it causes him to think down upon himself.

Lill - Lill is a woman who needs to help everyone. She takes care of the kids and makes sure that they stay safe.

Sampson - Sampson is a full blown introvert. He usually disappears and reappears when he's needed. He loves to spend time by himself.

Mamma - Mamma is perfect, it's her savvy. She is very motherly to all, and she cares deeply for her family.

Rocket - Rocket is a powerful boy. He has the power to blow out a whole town. He cares for his family and wants the best for his siblings.

Gypsy - Gypsy is a youngster who is adventurous. She loves to play games and she also loves to make herself known.

Grandpa Bomba - Grandpa Bomba is a loving grandfather to his grandkids. He cares for his wife, even though she's deceased.

Grandma Dollop - Grandma Dollop is a funny woman who could catch sounds. She loved polka music and could dance to it for hours upon hours.

Miss Rosemary - Miss Rosemary is a controlling woman who can't calm herself. She always feels the need to take over other people's situations.

Ashley Bing and Emma Flint - These two girls are straight up despicable. They don't like anyone but themselves. It's their life's mission to make other people miserable. They are big, well known, bullies.


The main conflict of this book sets off the story's lesson. Poppa, the Beaumont father, is injured in a horrific car accident. The accident had cars piled on top of cars, and Poppa was on the bottom of them all. When Poppa is taken to the hospital, he slips into a coma. Everyone hopes that he will soon awaken, but to no prevail. Mibs is led to believe that she can wake Poppa with her new savvy. But, with the disappointment of coincidences, she learns she cannot do as she thought she could. This conflict is internal because Mibs feels as if she can save him, but she cannot. This damages her self esteem because she feels guilty that she can't help him wake.

Events of the book

  • Poppa is injured in an automobile accident, and he slips into a coma.
  • Mibs awakens on her 13th birthday feeling no different.
  • Mibs notices that she woke Sampson's "hibernating" turtle.
  • Mibs thinks that her savvy is waking people up and establishes the idea to wake her Poppa at Salina Hospital.
  • Mibs passes out because her savvy is overpowering her.
  • Mibs runs into the parking lot, finds a bus that says "Salina" and climbs aboard expecting the bus to return to Salina. The bus must take a left to do this.
  • Will Junior, Bobbi, Fish, and Sampson join Mibs on the bus.
  • The bus takes a right, away from their Poppa.
  • Lester, the driver of the bus, realizes that these children are on board with him. He decides to let them ride with him.
  • Mibs begins to hear voices in her head, but only the voices from ink on someone's skin.
  • When Lester is driving on the highway, he picks up a girl, Lill, because her car is broken down.
  • When Lester goes to Charlene's house to drop off money, they forget Sampson.
  • Charlene has hidden Sampson in the wall, leaving him frightened.
  • The police arrive and find the childern, who were missing. They decided to not charge Lill and Lester with kidnapping the kids.
  • The police officers escort the kids to Salina Hope Hospital, to meet their families.


"Do you ever feel like your life is just some weird dream and someday you'll wake up and find that you're someone else entirely? " (Law, 227)

Author: Ingrid Law

(A Book and A Latte, 2011- 2015)


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