Cougar Chronicle

Volume 3, Issue 2

Infestation of Bees!

In the CMS library this fall, there was an infestation of bees. The bees got in the library because there was a nest outside of the library and the CAPS room. They got the bees out of the library by contacting maintenance. Maintenance contacted the exterminator. Some people were nervous that the bees were in the school. Thankfully, not many kids were in the library at the time but some kids that we talked to were scared of getting stung.

-Hailey M.

Teacher Feature: Mr. Hammond

CC: Do you like this school?

Mr. H: Well, Dylan, I really do like this school. Being a student-teacher, I really don’t have a choice of where I get to student-teach; I just hoped for the best when I applied.

After spending six weeks here, I cannot be happier! It is not a stretch to say that my dream job would be to teach at Colchester Middle School!

CC: What is your favorite part about this school?

Mr. H: My favorite part of this school are the students. You all are truly great people and it is a pleasure to teach and be taught by you all.

-Dylan B.

Fall Sports Finale

Girls Soccer Update


The girls “A” team finished their season with 12 wins and 1 tie. In their whole season, they only let in 3 goals.

They are the only undefeated team in their league, finishing in first.


Girls “B” team was also undefeated.

Boys Soccer Update


After a winning streak, the boys fell short when they lost 3-1 LC Hunt. After that, the next few games ended in defeat or a tie. “We have a hard time putting two halfs together. A hard time with putting the ball in the net.” says Coach Gagne

Towards the end of the season, the boys started to get their winning streak back. They finished 11-3-1, winning both their playoff games.


The boys ended their season with 5 wins and 7 losses. They worked hard and all improved. An overall great season.

Field Hockey Update


The girls came through with an undefeated season.


The girls ended their season with 6 wins and 3 losses. Coach Mrs. Dayvie says “They were a great team, great group of girls who always played like a team. A very good season.”

Cross Country Update

In the championships, the girls placed 3rd overall and the boys placed 6th, an amazing record. “Everybody improved and worked hard at every meet and practice.” says Alex Frank

-Sophia B

Lion's Club Peace Poster Contest

Lions Club Poster

CMS is having a poster contest! The poster must be turned into the CMS office by November 3, 2014. Judging for the poster will be on November 15, 2014.

The requirements for the poster are:

  • Students 11-13 years old can enter

  • Your poster can not be smaller then 13 inches by 20 inches

  • Your poster can’t be bigger then 20 inches by 24 inches

  • Only ONE entry per student per year.

  • Chalk, charcoal and pastel entries should be sealed with a fixative spray to prevent smearing.

  • Artwork should be done on a flexible material

  • Do not fold your poster

  • Do not laminate your entries

-Hailey M.