unit 1

test review

latitude: north and south

longitude:east west

equator: divides into 2 hemispheres 0°

prime meridian: 0° great circle

equator warmest place on earth

more consistent sun light

map projection

reduce distortion when creating a map
lack of natural resources makes countries poor

most people live near by

rivers, plains, acces to water


water moderates (not as cold not as hot)

what causes the seasons

the tilt of earth

natural resources

renewable: trees

non-renewable: fuils


factors that influence climate

latitude: mst important determining climate, farder from the equator it becomes colder and drier

air masses:northern hemisphere cold, hot from the tropics

continentially: water moderates climate

elevation: colder as you go up to the mountain

mountain barrier: can stop storms and air masses

ocean currents:can be warm or cold, causing the climate of the land change

pressure cells: high: 90°


storm stacks:where the polar easterns meet the westerns

climates regions

tropical rain forest: always hot, rain daily

tropical wet-dry/savanna:rainy in summer, dry in winter

semi-arid-steppe: rain per year 16¨

mediterranean: hot, dry summers; cool and rainy winters

marine west coast: nothwest united sates(seattle)

humid subtropical:

humid continental: 4 seasons

subartic:evergreen forest

tundra: summers shorth that permafrost exists

ice cap: polar desert

highlands: climate varies with 4 factors

equator divides eart into two hemispheres


graph that shows temperatures and precipitation


modification: we cahnge our environment to fit our needs

adaptation: we change to live within our environment

dependency: we rely on our environment to make our lives better

greenhouse effect

layer of gases released by burning coal and petroleum that traps solar energy


fertil lands become desert


plates gring or slip past each other at a fault, the earth shakes or trembles

seismograph;measures the waves created

focus: where the earthquake begins

epicenter: point above the focus of the earthquake