Sac and Fox

By: Allison Lantz and Chloe Degitz

Sauk and Meskwaki

There is a lot to know about the Sac and Fox. First you need to know that Sac stands for Sauk and Fox stands for Meskwaki.Sac means people of the yellow earth.Fox stands for people of the red earth. They lived in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, and South Dakota. Lived in bark houses in small villages.

French vs Sac and Fox (wars)

French was a enemy of the tribe. This is how they stopped trading. The French cut off their water ways so they couldn't trade anymore. When they did trade though they did not use money.They did have wars, with the Blackhawk tribe in the year of 1832.


The most famous Sac or Sauk leader/chief was Keokuk. This man lived from 1767-1848 (lived for 81 years). Keokuk was noted for his policy of cooperation with the U.S. government which led to the Black Hawk war.
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Sac and Fox food,tools/weapons, and clothing

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Above shows that the darker green is what they live in

What children did

The children of the Sac and Fox did a lot of chores there was almost no time to play. Parents taught children, men taught the boys how to hunt, women taught girls how to sew, cook, and clean.


Sac and Fox is from the Algonquin group. So they spoke similar to the Algonquin language.Now days these Indians will speak English. Though older Indians spoke the Meskwaki language.