Lowell Lions Roar!

May / June 2018

From the desk of Mrs. Larva

Wrapping Up the School Year

As much as I love spring, this is a very challenging time as a building principal. I feel like I now have my feet planted in two school years: wrapping up this one and planning for the next.

May and June are months that are filled with activities and excitement. Many grade-levels will have special end of the year celebrations or field trips. Please keep any dates that come your way from your child's classroom teacher or the office on your radar:)

PBIS School-wide BINGO!

Ask any of our students what it means to be a Lowell Lion and they will tell you that they are Safe, Kind, Respectful, and Honest. All year, students have been earning "Pawsome" coins for their classrooms. When a class earns 50 coins they are awarded a "Superpaw". Classroom teachers will celebrate their "pawsome" behavior in many ways, but we also have been having periodic celebrations as a school throughout the year. We are planning on having our next big celebration on Friday, May 11 at 8:10 AM. We will play Bingo over the loudspeaker. Student will be allowed to run down the hall with their BINGO to the lobby to choose a prize. This will be the ONLY time that students will be allowed to run in school!

Appreciation for our Staff

Our staff give so much to our students during the school year: time, love and attention to name a few! It is time for us to give back to our staff for their dedication and caring. Join the PTA in celebrating our staff next week (May 7-11). Ask your child to be a part of appreciating the staff by having them draw a picture, send a thank you, or even just help them practice what they could say to thank someone.

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Important Upcoming Dates

May 7-11: Staff Appreciation week

May 11: Schoolwide BINGO game

May 15: PTA meeting at 6 PM

May 16: Fit and Fun Run at Public School Stadium (bus leaves at 12:15)

May 18: PTA School Carnival

May 25: Grandparent / Special Elder Day (see schedule)

May 28: Memorial Day (No School)

June 6: 5th Grade Graduation at 8:30 AM

June 7: Field Day (AM) and Last Day of School

School Garden Message

We're looking for families to adopt the Lowell School Garden for a week during the summer, June 4 - Sept 2. Your family will have the opportunity to help our school garden grow by weeding and watering. Bonus: if produce ripens during your week of adoption, you're welcome to take it home. Once school resumes, produce will be harvested for school and after school programs. Gardening tools, gloves and access to water are provided in an on-site shed. Join the closed Facebook group to sign up for your preferred dates. The FB group is called Lowell School Garden and you can request to be added to the group. If you need any further support, please contact Alesha Murphy, PTA Secretary, at amurphy77911@gmail.com

The Bookworm Club

Read Between the Lines

Learning to infer, or "read between the lines", is one key to good reading comprehension. Consider these tips for helping your youngster make inferences.

Describe the setting

Pick a book, and read a few sentences to your child (without him looking). Leave out words that name the setting. Example: "Sand stretched out in all directions...cacti dotted the landscape." Can he infer where the story is set? If he isn't sure, give him a hint. ("Where do you see lots of sand and cacti?)

Look for lessons

Fables are great for reading between the lines. Read one by Aesop, and help your youngster figure out the lesson. For instance, The Tortoise and the Hare teaches that even if you are slow, you can win if you just keep going. Have your child point out parts that she used to make her inference. (The tortoise never stopped, and he took one good step after another")

Use prompts

Questions that start with "Why do you think...?" or "How do you know...?" can encourage your youngster to infer. You might ask why he thinks a character behaved the way he did or how he knows it's going to snow. Together look for clues in the book that may help him answer the questions.

@2017 Resources for Educations, a division of CCH Incorporated

Mrs. Larva's Book Pick

Have you ever had a problem that followed you everywhere? And because you are worried about this problem, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. What do you do when you just cannot take it anymore? This story is for anyone who has ever had a problem that they wished would go away. It will inspire you to look more closely at the problem to find the treasure hidden inside.

Looking for a Few Good Reading Corps Members!

Join us next fall as we head back to school. Lowell is looking for caring adults to serve with Minnesota Reading Corps and help kids become successful readers. You'll work directly with students every school day, during school hours, August - June. We are looking to fill these positions:

  • PreK Literacy Tutor
  • Kindergarten Focus Literacy Tutor
  • K-3 Literacy Tutor

Tutors come from many backgrounds and include recent high school and college grads, career changers, stay-at-home parents and retirees. With training, support from onsite coaches and evidence-based strategies, Reading Corps tutors are well-equipped to change lives. No previous teaching experience necessary!

Tutors earn a living allowance, education award (up to $5,920) to repay student loans or pay tuition, and federal student loan forbearance. Tutors may be eligible for health insurance and child care assistance. To learn how you can join our team as a Reading Corps tutor, visit www.readingandmath.net.

Questions? Contact recruitment@servetogrow.org or 866-859-2825.

P.E. Newsletter

In Physical Education class we focus on “Being Good Team Members” and the understanding that activities and games work when we are SAFE, KIND, RESPECTFUL, and HONEST Always!

Dates to remember!

FIT and FUN Run: May 16 at PSS, (Denfeld) Buses leave Lowell at 12:15. RUN TIME is 12:40. Buses return to Lowell at 1:20.

FIELD DAY: Thursday, June 7. Last Day of School! Volunteers will be needed to help with field day stations.

  • Our UMD students will be leaving us. (where does the time go?) So fun to have them with us teaching our students new and innovative activities/games!

  • PE classes will go outside as soon as our fields dry up and are accommodating for action!
  • We want to take Big Base Kickball outside, as well as track and field events.

Action Based Learning!

Brain research supports the link of movement and physical activity to increased academic performance. The Lowell PE program provides motor learning activities to strengthen cognitive development. In addition to our Physical Education program, Action Based Learning activities are available in the Barnes Gym for all students.

DON’T Forget Your GYM SHOES!

Kristin Bergerson, PE Specialist

218-336-8895 #3002

Math Corner

What's on the menu?

The next time you go to a restaurant, hang on to the menu while you are waiting for your meal and play some math games with your child. Ask him to find the least expensive item on the menu, then all the items that cost between $5 and $10 or three items whose total cost is between $9 and $20. This will not only fill the time while you’re waiting to eat, it will show your child how math is used every day.

Cindy Upton, Math Interventionist

Spring Art Room Update

Second grade artists participated in the 25th annual Empty Bowl fundraiser. The Empty Bowl event raises awareness about poverty and raises money for local charities. The proceeds from our work will support the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank, which assist in feeding nearly 42,000 hungry families throughout Northeastern MN and Northwestern Wisconsin. Thank you to our second grade teachers Mrs. Woyno and Mrs. Gottschald, and the many parent and family volunteers that helped make this possible. Come see these beautiful bowls in the main hall display cases before they make their way home!

Big congratulations to students in the annual Duluth Schools Art Exhibit. We had a great turn out for the closing reception. Thank you to all that came to celebrate our student’s hard work this year.

Keep creating!

Mrs. Isenberg-Jones (Mrs. I)

Visual Art Specialist

Lowell Happenings

Grandparent / Special Elder Day

Dear Families,

Once again, the Lowell students would like to invite grandparents (and special elders in their lives) to attend our annual Grandparent’s / Special Elder Day event on May 25, 2018. Here is what you can expect for the day:

  • Families are invited to a Music program showcase (k-2 and 3-5) in the gym.

  • Veteran guests will be recognized with a special pin

  • Grandparents and special elder friends will be invited to spend time following the concert in the classrooms.

  • A light lunch will be provided for any elders that need to stay between programs

Please follow the schedule of the day as it pertains to your child:

Friday, May 25, 2018



Music Showcase


Classroom visits



Music Showcase


Classroom visits

A light lunch will be served in the media center for those guests staying the day.

If your child will be leaving with their grandparent that afternoon, please fill out the slip on the note being sent home this week and return to the classroom teacher. Please note that NO students will be allowed to leave without written permission.

PTA Spring Carnival

Friday, May 18th, 6-8pm

2000 Rice Lake Road

Duluth, MN

Hello current and incoming Lowell families!

Happy Spring! Springtime means that Lowell's Annual Carnival is just around the corner. You are all welcome to attend with your families. The big date is May 18th. Set up will run 4:30-6:00pm. The Carnival will run 6-8pm. Clean up will be from 8-9pm. To make this night most successful (and fun), we will need many helping hands to volunteer for a variety of jobs. Please consider taking one or more shifts. To sign up, follow this link to www.bitly.com/LowellCarnival.

Thank you in advance for your help. We look forward to seeing you there!


A food truck will be at the carnival for those families wishing to have dinner on site. El Oasis Del Norte will serve Mexican food in our front parking lot.

Also, students will be able to purchase duct tape again this year to tape TWO different celebrities to the wall: Mr. H (our own Lowell celebrity) and Taylor Dayton from WDIO.


5th Grade Starbase

Music Class at Lowell

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4th Grade Wolfridge

Spanish Club Volunteers in Lowell Immersion School

Did you know we have an active collaboration with the UMD Spanish Club? Please check out the blog posting on the volunteer activities happening within our Nueva Vision Spanish Immersion program housed here at Lowell.


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Community Announcements

Please note:

We are often asked to distribute information for community groups. These have not been vetted by the school district. Please use your own judgement when evaluating the content of these flyers.
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Lowell is a neighborhood school of over 400 students. We have three language approaches to learning: English, Ojibwe, and Spanish! For more information about the two language immersion programs that are hosted at Lowell, please see our website. We are passionate about student learning and success! Our nature play space and school forest allow children additional outdoor opportunities.