Pyramids in egypt

Come see them

Pyramids are very interesting. They usually take around 3 years to 23 years depending on the size. Pyramids have 4 triangular sides with a square base. There used to be secret entrances for the Parroh, Scribes,servants,slaves,craftsmen, and the pharrohs family. The great pyramid in egypt took 23 years to build. They are made out of sandstone. They are polished with limestone. Each stones weighs as much as an elephant. Stones closer to the bottom weigh as much as 5 elephants. The biggest and most popular pyramid is called the great pyramid.
The biggest pyramid is the middle one. The egyptians learned how to work together. If egyptians never learned how to work as a team the pyramid would of took about 35 years to build. The first floor of a pyramid has the farmers, slaves, and servants. Next comes the craftsmen. After that comes the preists nobles and scribes. And after that at the top of a pyramid comes the pharroh. The scribes have a big part with the pharroh. Sometimes the scribes would have to write or figure out cuniform writing for the pharrohs.