Native Americans

By: Alexis Hall

Westward Expansion

In the 1800’s the Native Americans fought for land with the whites. The whites wanted the native american land for resources in the mine, wanting to expand the railroad and whites started killing buffalo for food. The Native Americans were treated differently from the whites, and were not respected as they should have been.

The Native Americans that lived on their land would have to fight the whites to keep it. Native Americans would have to be in battles with the whites to keep their land. The reason why the whites wanted their land was to continue making the railroad on their land across the country. The Native Americans would often be tricked into moving to other land by the whites.

Cattle drivers came to the plains in the mid 1850’s with buffalo as some of their cattle. The Native Americans main food source was buffalo, they would often eat them for their food. The whites killed them for their food for the workers on the railroad and often killed them so they don’t herd on the railroad. Nick Cody nicknamed “Buffalo Bill” would kill buffalo, he killed over 4,000 buffalo throughout 18 months of hunting.

The westward expansion was big for the Native Americans, having to leave their home or have to fight to preserve it. The whites didn’t treat them to the ideal way they should have, in fact they treated them very poorly. They would kill them if they wouldn’t move to other land and they would kill the Native Americans main food source. The whites and the Native Americans didn’t get along, yet the whites would give them supplies.

Native American Struggle Collage

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Chief Sitting Bull Video

SITTING BULL DOCUMENTARY FILM ("Sitting Bull: A Stone in My Heart")


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