April 10, 2019

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In this edition of the VanWeekly...

  • School Lead call
  • Twitter Chat
  • XP Due Soon!
  • Become ISTE Certified
  • Shining a Spotlight on Success
  • Vanguard Requirements and Recognitions

Mark your calendar

April 11- School Lead Call

April 11- Twitter Chat

April 23- Webinar

May 1- XP Due

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School Lead Call - April 11th @ 7:00pm

Looking forward to connecting with our School Leads on April 11th @ 7:00pm.

Twitter Chat -April 11th @ 7:30

Don't forget! Our Twitter chat this Thursday, April 11 at 7:30 pm following the School Lead call at 7:00 pm! Beth Valentine and Ashley Brunson will host the chat on Collaboration using Novel Engineering! "See" you then!

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XP Deadline

The final XP deadline for the year is approaching soon! May 1st is the final day to have your XP submitted as well as submit any XP issues to the issues form. As a reminder, the Vanguard requirement for members in instructional positions is to earn 100 or more XP, with at least 50 of that coming from the two required mentoring cycles. Members in non-instructional positions must earn 50XP by May 1st.

The XP system is the way the Vanguard team documents the amazing work we are doing. It is our way of demonstrating the value that Vanguard adds to our district. As Vanguardians, we have to ensure that we are following through on our commitment to the Fulton County Board of Education. As much as we love all of our Vanguard members, we must be accountable for the work we are doing to further the Vanguard mission. With that said, we understand that members may face challenges in earning their XP, which require additional support. We want to honor that, so we have developed a process that will allow us to support our members, while still ensuring the mission of Vanguard continues to be promoted in our schools. We are still solidifying some details, but here’s what we can share today.

Members that earn more than 35 XP, but less than the required 100XP (again, with 50 or more coming from two mentoring cycles), will be asked to participate in a support opportunity during the first semester of next school year. The completion of that support opportunity will return the member to good standing at the end of the semester. The type of support offered will depend on the type and amount of XP earned. For example, a member who earns 50 or more Total XP, but didn’t complete their mentoring cycles, would be offered additional support on the mentoring process. Finally, members that earn fewer than 35 total XP will be asked to step down from the team. If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance that should be considered, please reach out to Justin Evans ( and Heather Van Looy (

Become ISTE certified

Focused on pedagogy. Based on the ISTE Standards.

Dates: June 4-5, 2019 (online modules to also complete after these dates)

Times: 8:30-4:30

Location: In Fulton but TBD

Join Fulton's first cohort of ISTE certified educators for this special Vanguard opportunity. Through the ISTE Certification process, educators will participate in professional learning based on the ISTE Standards and transformative pedagogy.

If you are interested, please complete this form. Mindy Ramon will reach out you to with more information. She will be hosting webinars on April 11, 12, and 15 to provide more information on this opportunity.

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SHOUT OUT TO Paul Chesher!

Paul has been conducting Google Classroom 3rd Grade PD's at Barnwell Elementary School. As a current third grade teacher, he has supported the entire third grade team by teaching them how to utilize Google Classroom to promote stronger writing lessons and student conferences. Paul has also facilitated two PD's during their one-hour planning meetings. Paul's effective PD's have given others an opportunity to conduct their own sessions-Paige Vickery, his current mentee, is set to run the next two PD meetings for the second grade teachers at Barnwell.

Way to go, Paul!!! Continue to be a beacon of Vanguard!

Nominate someone or submit your own Spotlight Vanguard Member!

Vanleads, do you see any vanguard members at your school doing something awesome? Were they struggling with a tool before and are now using it? BRAG on our Vanguard members. If you see something awesome, please submit about your team member.

Please share your success stories with us! You may see your "Spotlight" in an upcoming Vanweekly!

Share Your Success!

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Vanguard Requirements and Recognition

Vanguard's mission is to build the capacity of instructional leaders to transform learning and teaching. The Fulton County Board of Education believes in that mission and they support us by making a considerable financial investment in our team each year. As a result, we need to be fiscally responsible and make sure that we are providing a return on their investment. The purpose of the Vanguard points system is to document the work that we do so that we can share and celebrate how awesome our team is!

Vanguard Requirements:

  • Teachers and METIs (Instructional Staff) will earn a total of 100 XP; 50 Mentoring XP and 50 from any category

  • Non-Instructional Staff will earn a total of 50 XP from any category. This includes school and district admin, CSTs, Administrative Assistants, Instructional Coaches, Data Support Specialists, etc.

Earning Badges:

As you know, this year we have introduced badges as a way to recognize people as they make progress toward meeting their Vanguard requirements and forwarding our mission and vision. In order to meet your requirements, you must earn the following badges:

  • Instructional members must earn the Vanguard 100 (100 Total XP) AND the Mentoring Master Gold (50 Mentoring XP)

  • Non-instructional members must earn the Vanguard Fab 50 (50 Total XP).

Congratulations to the following Vanguard members who have earned badges between March 5 – March 20th! Keep up the great work!

Vanguard Super Star

This badge is awarded to FCS Vanguard Members who have earned 50 Mentoring XP and 100 Total XP.

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Vanguard 100

This badge is awarded to FCS Vanguard Members who have earned 100 Total XP.

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Vanguard Fab 50

This badge is awarded to FCS Vanguard members in non-instructional roles who have earned 50 Total XP.

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Vanguard Mentoring Gold

This badge is awarded to FCS Vanguard members who have completed two mentoring cycles.

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Vanguard Mentoring Silver

This badge is awarded to FCS Vanguard members who have completed one mentoring cycle.

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Vanguard Leadership Team

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Fulton County Vanguard Team

Mission: Building the capacity of instructional leaders to transform learning and teaching.

Vision: Through building colaborative relationships and supporting student focused learning, the Vanguard Team will positively impact student achievement.

Pillars: Transform, Innovate, Mentor, & Support (TIMS)


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