6th Grade AIG Lion Team

Week of September 8th - 11th

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Math Class

This week in math class the students finished reviewing exponents and started to review order of operations. On Tuesday they worked on Icurio lesson exponents day 1 and wrote notes about it in their journals. They also took pretests and wrote "I Can" statements in their digital portfolio. On Wednesday the students began to work on factors and multiples with a pretest and an Icurio. This week we have also been talking about prime factorization. We are also doing Fact Quizzes every Friday and using Skype to find the Mystery Number of another 6th grade class.
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Science Class

This week in science class, students discovered parts of a flower. They also worked on some plant centers and observed what the inside of a seed looks like. They got a chance to plant dicot and monocot seeds. The students will be starting to build a 3D flower. We are also starting genius hour. Genius hour is once every Friday and is a time for students to think about major problems in our school that they can fix. At the end of 1st quarter they with present a project of how they fixed the problem they choose in our school. On Thursday the students got a chance to dissect a flower and see the inside of it.
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Reading Class

This week in reading we started something called S.C.A.M.P.E.R, What is scamper you may ask? It is a way for students to: Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to other uses, Eliminate and rearrange a story or anything they can imagine. This week the students also made Labor Day Presentations. They got to talk about labor day and tell us why or why not it is important to them and others. For H.W. this semester they have to complete a Genre Book Bingo Board . Students were asked to read 5 books and complete a whole row on their paper. On Friday students did a writing prompt on what a hero is and they also talked about 9/11.
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Important Information

- Attraction books went home the other day and are due back, Thursday September 17th. They cost $20 a piece.

-There is Early Release on Wednesday September 16th. Dismissal: 1:00

- Monday September 21st, MIS Fall Pictures

-Thursday September 24th, MIS Curriculum Night 6:00-7:00

- Monday September 28th, MIS Chick-Fil-A Night 5:00-8:00

- Wednesday September 30th, Early Release Day. Dismissal: 1:00

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Weekend Challenge

We have a challenge for you. This weekend we ask you and your family to be a hero to someone. Find something or someone you could be a hero to.
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