Video, Video, Video

How to find an instructional video to replace WNE VHS

Learn 360 has 2 major ways of searching for videos, by Keyword or by Standard. Keyword works best and then you can pick Subject Area, Grade Level, and Media Format for a video clip or a full-length video. Check out the videos linked below!

Most teacher's login: last name plus first initial(s)

Password: Learn360

E-mail if you need login help:

Learn 360 is great for Traditional Literature!

Check out these videos on Johnny Appleseed.

Johnny Appleseed 1

Johnny Appleseed 2

Other video suggestions:

2nd Grade: Definition of Fiction

3rd or 4th Grade: Biography/Nonfiction

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media is a free for K-12 educators. You can browse by standards, grade level, subject area, and special collections. It helps to search for subjects with the multiple words in parenthesis. Example: "Short A"

Video Examples: Click on a link below!

Writing Opinion Pieces

An example of long vowel sounds: "Long O"

A Game for Short Vowels Sounds: "Short A"

Between the Lions and Electric Company are great resources found on PBS Learning Media.

Show a VHS with a Mobile Cart

We have a Mobile TV cart to Check Out from the LMC with a large flat screen TV!

*See Charms in the Library to check the cart out when you have a VHS or DVD you would like to show to a class or student group.

Have Your Favorite VHS ordered or converted to DVD

Have a VHS that you show in your lessons?

*Let Charms or Chris know what VHS you use in your lessons and the Library will work on getting that VHS in DVD form.