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Term 2 - Week 10 - Thursday June 18, 2020

From the Principal's Desk…

It is hard to believe that it is the second last week of term – and what a term it has been! I hope that we never experience another like this. Having said that I need to commend the teachers, all of our education support staff, students, parents and carers for everything that has been achieved this term. It has been a steep learning curve for everyone. For many of our students they will only have been back for just under three weeks and then it is time for a break again. This may mean that settling back in term three will not be as easy for some as it is for others. We are very happy to meet the needs of all our students and if a gradual transition is required at the start of term three please let your child’s teacher know.

Don’t forget that we will finish at 2:30 on our last day of term - Friday 26th June.

End of Semester Reports:

Due to the different style of reports this semester they will not be released on our portal, but your child will be bringing home a hard copy report on the last day of term. These reports have a very different format as they are totally comment based and include references to work that was covered during remote learning as well as term one.

End of term interviews:

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, we will not be holding parent teacher interviews this term due to the restrictions regarding on site access. However, if you have concerns regarding your child and you would like to discuss this with your child’s teacher you can request a phone interview. Teachers will also contact you if they have any concerns.

Term Three Pick up and Drop Off:

We will be returning to our normal drop off and pick up times from the start of term three. So, school will finish at 3:30pm. Staff will continue to be at our main entrance at the start and end of the day. We will continue to administer hand sanitiser for students as they enter the school in the morning.


The advice from the department is that the extra cleaning services will continue to be provided at all schools during term three. For us this means extra cleaning right throughout the day of high touch areas, classrooms, specialist areas and our playgrounds.

Specialist Music:

The department have given permission for these programs to recommence from the start of term three. If your child participates in these programs, expect to hear from the music teacher soon.

Parent Helpers and Parents on site:

Unfortunately, we are unable to start parent helpers back up just yet but as soon as the advice on this changes I will certainly let you know. I realise that this is disappointing for everyone, teachers included. We will continue to ask that you do not come onto the school site unless necessary. We will be opening up the doors to our office as a screen has been purchased for this area. Preferred contact will still be by phone. Thank you for your understanding regarding this.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a safe, relaxing and happy holiday. If you are able to get away – take care. Rest up as I am sure that term three will be action packed.

Tracey Robertson-Smith


Wednesday 24 June

Prep - 2 Pyjama Day

Friday 26 June

Last day Term 2 - School finishes 2:30pm

Bus travellers finish 2:10pm

Wednesday 1 July

Year 5/6 Camp Instalment due

Monday 13 July

First Day Term 3

Tuesday 21 July

PREP 2021 OPEN NIGHT 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm

Tuesday 28 July

School Council Meeting 6:30 pm

Monday 3 August

Year 5/6 Camp Instalment Due

Tuesday 4th August


Wednesday 5 August

Session 1: Storytime - All children due to commence school in 2021 welcome. 2.45 pm - 3.20 pm in School Library

Wednesday 12 August

Session 2: Storytime - All children due to commence school in 2021 welcome. 2.45 pm - 3.20 pm in School Library

Wednesday 19 August

Session 3: Storytime - All children due to commence school in 2021 welcome. 2.45 pm - 3.20 pm in School Library

Wednesday 26 August

Session 4: Storytime - All children due to commence school in 2021 welcome. 2.45 pm - 3.20 pm in School Library

Tuesday 1 September

Year 5/6 Camp Instalment and/or Final Payment due.

Friday 18 September

Last Day Term 3

COMING IN TERM 4 - Prep Transition Afternoons

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Stars of the Week

PB: Penny F - for learning the first 100 sight words.

1/2GC: Chase M - for putting in such a great effort to focus on learning and being a positive member of the class.

3/4B: Cody R - for being thoughtful towards others in the classroom.

5/6W: Ella D - For always being appreciative of everything and being kind to others.

Michael L - For doing so well with his reading this week.

ART: Ella B- 3/4B for her beautiful Warm and Cool color drawing.

Ella D - 5/6W for her elegant line design pencil drawing

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Please use this link to REGISTER for the portal:

(please note, you will need your access key to link your child. This is available to established HPS parents in the email that we sent out to families on 30 July 2019). New families will have received their emails Thursday 30th January 2020.


You only need to register ONCE.

Once you've registered use the following link as your usual login.

Please use this link to LOGON to the portal:

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See what’s coming up this week in OSHC. - Camp Australia

OSHC is full of exciting activities that are connecting children with their friends and enriching their lives. From trying new sports, acting out with drama games, getting creative with paint and clay, and heaps more; we’ve got activities appropriate for all ages and abilities. See what’s planned for the week ahead:


Making pretzels, designing a German flag, and learning different words


This week we are learning about the different countries learning about flags.


learning how to crack the code when using different pictures


Making volcanoes and watching them erupt


The children will be using their imagination designing a new flag.

Our OSHC service is open and operating for those that need our care, and will provide your children with much-needed familiarity and continuity through our engaging programs that have an increased focus on hygiene and social distancing.

It’s FREE to Register. (and if you want to use OSHC, you first need to register).

Register at pp.campaustralia.com.au/account/login. Once registered, it’s easy to make and manage your bookings online via our Parent Portal.

Visit our blog for helpful information and fun activities.

New articles are added each week for parents and cover various topics to help families. This month we are focusing on all things COVID-19. We talk about how to adjust to the changes you’ve made in your household, including fun activity ideas to entertain your child at home. Visit the blog here: https://campaustralia.com.au/blog

From Stacey , Ellie and Emmi-lee Camp Australia at Healesville Primary School

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