2T Times

What's Happening in Room 211?

Upcoming Events

Friday 4/3: 1/2 Day of School for Snow Make Up (Day 4)

April 6-10: Schools closed for spring break

Monday 4/13: Collecting empty paper towel rolls for Art class and Student Council Used Shoe Drive

Wednesday 4/15: Tatem Open House

Thursday 4/16: BOE Meeting

Thursday 4/23: Techzel Money Due

Thursday 4/30: BOE Meeting

Ms. Talian Needs Your Help

The second graders are working on a unit on Ancient Egypt. She needs empty paper towel rolls. (The cardboard tubes) If you have any can you please send some in starting Monday April 13?

Student Work

Just an FYI that tomorrow some Math assessments and reading multiple choice assessments are coming home. I have circled problems that are wrong For my records I noted the skills that need practice and am differentiating instruction to target those skills. In Math you can review and practice any skills that may need attention. As always you can continue to visit xtramath.org to practice facts.

Lots of Happenings

There were lots of happenings in February and March so I compiled a video of photos to share. You can click here to see the video. It is being shared through safeshare TV. It is a nice preview of our Open House work.

Classroom News and Events

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop we have been working on a variety of skills and strategies. We recently studied character traits and finding evidence to support why we are describing a character that way. We practiced looking for text and graphic features and thinking about how they help us when we navigate a non-fiction text. When reading with your child you can ask them questions including:

  • Retell what just happened in these few pages.
  • How do you think the character might be thinking? Why, what evidence in the text shows this?
  • What might happen next? Why do you think this?
  • What word describes the character in the story? How has the character changed?

We also recently have been practicing comparing and contrasting stories and the elements in stories. We studied different versions of Cinderella and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We noticed what was the same and what was different. We also thought about how characters' traits or lessons in the texts might be the same or might be different.


In Math we just wrapped up Unit 6. At open house come and check out our array cities. Can you use our clues to find out which array goes with which building? At home you can continue to practice those skills with your child to build their fluency when solving multi-step word problems. In Unit 7 we have been practicing adding strings of numbers using friends of 10 and doubles. We have also been practicing collecting data and sorting the data into graphs and line plots. When we are back from break we will practice fractions and then move back into measurement.

To keep proficient with facts please visit xtramath.org. Students can log in and are only in for about 7-8 minutes.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop we are wrapping up our Unit on writing about our opinions. We began by writing letters to our class and individuals about a book and why they would recommend the book. Our go to phrases were to make the letter longer, stronger, and more convincing. Students are writing the letters with the book at their desk. They are encouraged to go back and look closely at the story to find reasons to support their thinking. We celebrated completing our letter to a friend or to the class. We have begun to write a letter to a fictional judge nominating a book for an award. The students seem excited to share their thoughts in writing. If your child is excited about a book at home, feel free to send it in on Monday for them to write about. Today we shared our letters with our 4th grade buddies in Ms. Grillo's class. It was a lot of fun! The 4th graders were impressed with our writing.


In Science we are working in our soils unit. About 3 weeks ago we created compost bags. The worms have been at work in the Science Lab and we are excited to see how the bags will change next week. Currently we are studying soils and plants to see the properties of sand, clay, and humus. We are going to use what we observe about each soil type and decide which type of soil is best for plants. We will also decide what is in our local Haddonfield soil.