Local News Update

By: Ashlee Jones

Digestive Jump Park

There has been a brand new opening in Greensboro. There main ride is ''The Big Chew''.
It goes through the whole digestive system like the mouth, esophagus, stomach and even the liver. The best part about the mouth is the saliva spits on you. There is a slide through the small intestine and a bounce along the large intestine. Don't worry parents you can go in too. Kids have tons of fun and get an education at the same time. You can also climb up the wall in the pancreas and bile. You can also bounce up and down on the gooey gallbladder. It's like your the enzymes traveling down the body. The ride also the epiglottis, peristalsis, pepsin, mucus, hydrochloric acid and even your blood vessels which is really slime. When you go through the mechanical and chemical digestion you feel like your just a piece of food. As you travel down the small intestines your villi it's like a dryer and blows on you. When the fun is all over you travel through the rectum it;s nasty but you land in a big foam pit and it's awesome.

Digestion Song
Simple digestive system explanation for kids -- with a fun Rap!