Changing Careers

By: Danielle Sanders

Considering Changes: Explore Your Options

When changing your careers, you need to keep your options open. Don't only go for one job. Apply to many places, so you can have decisions.

Develop a Plan: Mapping Your Moves

Changing careers can be stressful, but you need to have a plan. Plan ahead with your money. Set aside some money so that if you ever lose your job you will have something to rely on while you search for another job.

Make a Decision: Burning no Bridges

Let's say that you get layer off from your job. You are out of work and in a tough situation. One big thing not to do is go yelling at your boss. You could possibly get your job back, but if you give a wrong impression you won't get your job back.

Now let's say you get fired from your job. Again you are out of work. Yelling at your old boss will make it hard for him to say good things about you when you are trying to find another job.

Beginning the New Journey: Show Your Experience

When changing careers you con't hold back. You have worked at a job that gave you experience, use that to go get your dream job. Show your next employers that you have what is takes, and the ability to do the job.