The Nervous system

by Jacob Creamer

the two parts

The nervous system has two part the Central and Peripheral
  • central nervous system: includes the brain and spinal cord, it processes/responds to all messages sent by the Peripheral
  • Peripheral system: includes all of the nervous system except the bran and spinal cord, it connects the body parts to the CNS.

what it is made of

The nervous system is made of many neurons, the neurons Carey the information from the Peripheral system to the central nervous system

what happens when it fails or gets damaged

  • when it fails you are not able to move, touch, or feel
  • ways it gets damaged are by breaking your spine or taking a hard blow to the head
  • Also you can damge them by having stokes
  • whne your nervous system fails there is a very big possibility of death

why is it important

The nervous system is important because it controls everything and when you damage it it will ether paralyze you or kill and if you are lucky or depending on how you damage it you will only not be able to move a little bit of your body.