WWI Paper Aeroplane Show

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WWI was caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand from the Austro-Hungary empire, on the 28th June 1914. It was also caused by imperialism! Sparks flew from many nations, and before you know it, the war is plunged into chaos and hell-bent on destruction of the opposition.

Send courier messages that explain how Australia was involved in this devastating event!

Kids (and parents!) can participate in an engaging activity that requires them to fold up a message explaining the details of Australia's involvement in the war (top secret documents!), into the shape of a paper aeroplane and send it to their fellow friends or guardians who would be standing quite a ways away.

Australia joined into the war as an colony of Britain. The soldiers in the Army were not the only people in Australia involved in the war. The whole of Australia was involved, with many citizens welcoming the start of war, and an astronomical number of people volunteered to fight for their country, and took this as a chance to show their bravery.

Demonstration of the significant battles that Australians took part in!

A show will be put on, involving highly detailed paper planes flying over the battlefield, with Australians fighting underneath, while displaying the dangerous, the amount of hardship and horrific conditions they dealth with. A fun and entertaining activity for people of all ages to be deeply immersed in.


Gallipoli was a major battle that Australians fought in, and lost a devastatingly large amount of men for a nation with less than 5,000,000 people. The ship landing was a major fail, with them landing far off the point that they were meant to. Evacuation was not an option, so they dug trenches and fought ending up with high casualties. No gains were made by the ANZACs, and the whole plan being a major failure.

Western Front

The Battles at the Western Front were significant as there was the:
  • Battle of Fromelles
  • Battle of Pozieres

There was a high amount of casualties at Pozieres, even though the town was taken in a few days. Over the next few weeks, the town was bombarded by constant German artillery, causing massive amounts of casualties.

Catch paper aeroplanes containing the effects of the war on Australians at the home front!

An activity that's fast paced, fun, all with a dash of history and a slice of war. Kids will love both the involvement of the catching of the planes, and the discovery of the history of their nation.

For the while, the Australian public had no clue of the devastation and mass loss of life that had befallen the Australian army, as it was all censored by the government. This fueled the enlisting of war for the young men in Australia, as they didn't know the dangers that they were going to face. So many casualties occured, that the government simply could not prevent this news from reaching the public. In an instant, opinions changed. Feelings about war went from ecstatic to horror. People didn't enlist because of the high danger of death.

Anzac Day; What it means to Australians.

Anzac Day is a very important day to Australians, because it marks the day brave soldiers lost their lives in the horrible battles at Gallipoli.

It is a day that Australians can remember the soldiers that died in the wars fighting for their country, enduring great harship.

Fly Away!

Thursday, Apr 25th, 12-2:15pm

827 High Street

Epping, VIC

What's on for the day!

  • 12:00: Introduction to the action packed day
  • 12:30: Send courier messages about the involvement of Australia in the war!
  • 1:00: An interesting show recounting and demonstrating how the battles Australia fought in went.
  • 2:00: Catch aeroplanes and relive the impact of the war on the general public!
  • 2:14: Minute of Silence for the soldiers that were lost in this horrific event.

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